Extraordinary photo workshops and tours in Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Eastern Sierra, and Death Valley

Photography Workshop with Gary Hart

I am a full-time professional nature photographer with over 30 years photography experience. Unlike many workshops, my workshops are only in locations I have photographed for many years, in all seasons, and in every possible weather condition. And also unlike many workshops, you will not be assigned a leader from a stable of photographers who has little involvement with the process until he or she arrives for the workshop. Rather, you'll deal only with me from your first inquiry all the way through the workshop, and after.

All workshops feature small groups, with no more than 12 participants. To ensure individual attention and maximize your learning, I am always assisted by a second, qualified nature photographer. The priority is always on getting out in the field to shoot, shoot, shoot, but there is always time made for training and image review. And, weather permitting, most workshops include a nighttime moonlight or starlight shoot.

Beginner or expert, these workshops are for you if you like the idea of dedicating several sunrise-to-sunset (and sometimes later) days with an expert who knows the area and loves photography as much as you do. Not only will you come away with great pictures, you'll also return home a better photographer. You'll also have a lot of fun.

Upcoming Photography Workshops

Death Valley Winter Moon photo workshop

In the Death Valley workshop we’ll spend three days photographing all the amazing Death Valley locations, including Zabriskie Point, Dante’s View, Badwater, Devil’s Golf Course, Mosaic Canyon, and the graceful arcs of Death Valley’s ever-changing dunes. As a bonus, our workshop concludes in Lone Pine, with night photography in the Alabama Hills and a sunset/sunrise shoot of Mt. Whitney. Led by Gary Hart and a second qualified photographer.

Eastern Sierra photo workshop

Mt. Whitney, the Alabama Hills, the bristlecone pines, Mono Lake, and amazing fall color makes this Eastern Sierra photo workshop a photographer's dream. Photograph sunrise alpenglow on Mt. Whitney, the Alabama Hills beneath the stars, the White Mountains' ancient bristlecone pines at sunset, first light on Mono Lake's tufa towers, and vivid fall color blanketing mountainsides and reflecting in countless streams and lakes. Led by Gary Hart and a second qualified photographer.

Grand Canyon photo workshops

See the Grand Canyon as you've never seen it, photograph it as only a few can. On this trip we'll spend six days on the river, starting at Lee's Ferry and finishing at Whitmore Wash, 187 miles downstream. Our guides will do their best get us in position to photograph the Grand Canyon's many waterfalls, slot canyons, colorful geology in the best light. We'll also enjoy moonless nights, which will put the Milky Way and more stars than you've ever seen in your life on center stage. The 2017 raft trip is now open. 

Hawaii Big Island Volcanoes and Waterfalls photo workshop

Yosemite photo workshops

(winter, spring, fall)

Whether you want to photograph dogwood and rainbows, moonlight and moonbows, fall color and sparkling reflections, or Horsetail Fall and winter snow, there's a Yosemite experience for you here. Led by Gary Hart and a second qualified photographer.

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Workshop Reviews

For me, it was and will always be unforgettable. You are a first class photographer, teacher and gracious gentleman.

—DH, New York


Thank you for a perfect workshop. Totally perfect. It was just incredible, all of it.

—S.P., Vermont



Water and Reflections

Water and Reflections

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Water in all its states of motion, from glassy calm to churning torrent.

Color and Light

Color and Light

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Vivid scenes bathed in natural light and color.

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